Humanitarian Aid Volunteering

Humanitarian Aid Volunteering offers you the opportunity to volunteer for five or ten months in Brazil, Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria or Vietnam in organisations that want to increase their preparedness to possible disasters in the future or have faced humanitarian disasters.

At the same time, you will acquire new skills and learn about other cultures and ways of life - definitely a life-changing experience.

application process

Before applying to ICJA, you must register with the European Solidarity Corps in the Humanitarian Aid Training section. You will then complete a self-assessment as well as online and face-to-face training. 

Once you have successfully completed the programme, you can apply for specific assignments on our website. Please create a personal account for this purpose. After logging in to our online portal on our website, select the desired starting date under Humanitarian Aid Volunteering and complete the application step by step.

We will then review your application documents and you will go through a two-stage interview process with the sending and host organisations in the host country.

People with fewer opportunities means people who, for economic, social, cultural, geographical or health reasons, a migrant background, or for reasons such as disability and educational difficulties or for any other reasons, including those that can give rise to discrimination under article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental rights of the European Union, face obstacles that prevent them from having effective access to opportunities under the programme. Applicants with fewer opportunities will have priority in the selection process. Please get in contact with us if you need assistance.



  • are between 18 and 35 years old.
  • are available for the full duration of 5 or 10 months.
  • are willing to support an organisation working in the field of Humanitarian Aid in a non-EU country in its daily work.
  • are resident in one of the 27 EU member states or the associated non-EU countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Republic of North Macedonia.
  • have successfully completed the self-assessment as well as the online and classroom training.
  • are open-minded, flexible and willing to question your own views on life and ideas.
  • are willing to adapt to the new environment and follow the local safety guidelines.


What is covered?

  • You are covered by supplementary insurance.
  • You have access to various support services, such as language support and training.
  • Your basic costs will be covered (travel to and from the programme, accommodation and meals).
  • You will also receive pocket money for personal expenses. 
  • If you have special needs (e.g. a disability), the associated costs can also be covered.

host countries and activities

Several organisations are involved in Humanitarian Aid Volunteering. Together they help you prepare for your experience abroad and accompany you on site during your volunteer work abroad:

  • We offer five-month Humanitarian Aid Volunteering in Nepal in the areas of Child Protection, Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment or Public Health and Wellbeing in cooperation with our partner organisations Volunteer Initatative Nepal as hosting organisation and Pi Youth Association Türkiye as coordinating organisation.
  • You can also complete ten-month Humanitarian Aid Volunteering with our partner organisations ICYE Brazil, ICYE Ghana, ICYE Nigeria or CSDS Vietnam which we offer together with our partner organisations Grenzenlos Austria and Pi Youth Association Türkiye. ICJA coordinates this Humanitarian Aid Volunteering project and is your first point of contact.

We have opened our application portal until 15th of July 2024 for the volunteering period September 2024 - July 2025 (10 months) for:

Please apply via our application system for the Humanitarian Aid Volunteering.